How to Book a Cheap Ticket With Spirit Airlines

 How do I book a cheap ticket with Spirit Airlines? Do I need to pay in advance, or can I pay later? How much are the luggage fees, and how do I avoid them? How can I earn points towards free travel? These are all valid questions that people ask themselves when they want to take advantage of Spirit Airlines’ cheap tickets. We’ll show you how to book an affordable flight and save some money at the same time!

Check Your Airline Status

Before you book any flight, it’s important to check your airline status. There are generally two different categories: those which offer free seating, and those that don’t. Typically, Southwest, JetBlue and Spirit have free seating; so if there’s an aisle seat available on one of these flights, you should check out your other options first. Then again, Southwest doesn’t fly many international routes and JetBlue has only one short-haul international route. As such, if you need to be at your destination in time for a specific event (say some wedding), you may want to consider booking early—and with an airline that has assigned seating—so you can book two seats together.

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Check Out the Best Deals

It’s no secret that booking in advance is one of your best bets for getting a great deal on flights. If you look at prices on Expedia, Kayak or any other flight search site a week before your trip, you might think you’re doing yourself a favor by waiting until last minute. Not true. These sites can be used to get an idea of what kinds of deals are out there—but if you want an exact price for your ticket, it’s better to head directly to Spirit Airlines' website and book from there. It's not difficult, but it's also not intuitive.

Consider Extra Fees

No matter how much you plan, sometimes things happen that force you to cancel a flight. If you’re planning an important business trip, you don’t want to be forced into paying extra for a last-minute flight. By knowing what steps to take in advance, you can ensure that your ticket won’t be canceled due to weather or mechanical issues. Here are some tips for canceling and changing flights with Spirit Airlines.

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Check if Taxes and Fees Have Changed

Spirit has a notorious fee for everything, which is why it’s important to always check if taxes and fees have changed before you book. To keep an eye on these things, sign up for email alerts from Spirit. That way, you’ll get emails when any of your flight details change—like when prices drop or if your flight gets canceled. The notification inbox also provides information about extra fees that apply to certain seats or customers. Overall, being informed makes it easier to avoid paying unnecessary fees at checkout time; knowledge is power! If you do end up paying some kind of fee that wasn’t included in your original fare quote (we've all been there), don't stress: You can always log into MySpirit and request a refund.

Contact Customer Service Before Purchasing

Many airlines, including Spirit, offer 24/7 customer service phone lines and online chat. Before purchasing your ticket, contact customer service and ask about hidden fees and other purchase requirements. In general, you’ll want to know: What is your baggage allowance? What is your cancellation fee? When do tickets typically sell out? Will my ticket be refundable if I need to cancel at a later date? Which credit cards can I use for purchase (and what are their travel miles or perks)? How long before departure can I cancel without penalty or cancellation fee (sometimes called free cancellations)? If you find that your preferred airline won’t make sense financially, take time now before booking to research alternate options.

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How to Cancel a Flight

There are many reasons that someone might need to cancel their flight—from illness to family emergencies. When you have an urgent reason, you can contact Spirit Airlines at 1-888-678-0392. They’ll do their best to accommodate you with alternative dates and times as long as your travel plans haven’t already gone too far into motion. However, if you just don’t want to fly on your scheduled date, they may require that you pay for another ticket (depending on your fare rules). If that happens, it’s in your best interest not only to pay but also make sure you secure those funds before canceling or else there may be additional fees for nonpayment.

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